Fraser Residence Promenade Project Information

Fraser Residence Promenade Details
Project NameFraser Residence Promenade
Address of DevelopmentJiak Kim Street
Project DeveloperFrasers Property
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area145,063 Sqft
Gross Floor Area551,245 Sqft
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 620 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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Location of Fraser Residence Promenade

Fraser Residence Promenade is a new development located right in the heart of Singapore River by Frasers Property. The site was originally under the Reserve List on the Government Land Sales Programme and was triggered for sale. Fraser Residence Promenade represents a premium located city centre property that is located near to Great World City MRT Station as well as Havelock MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line. The site is close to many amenities and shopping centres and is close to many of the exotic pubs and eateries along the Singapore River. A truly cosmopolitan lifestyle awaits you at Fraser Residence Promenade. Parc Clematis Clementi is a new development located in the heart of Clementi by SingHaiYi Group. There is a large backlog of buyers who are keen to look for a unit in Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Gold. Please see latest development Midtown Modern Condo by Guocoland.

Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street

Fraser Residence Promenade has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits & children’s playground. The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of the Singapore River at River Valley Road. Avenue South Residence is a new development that is located at Silat Avenue. The development is by UOL Group and consist of 2 majestic towers for your consideration.

Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers Property Great World City

Fraser Residence Promenade Condo is by the developer Frasers Property is also strategically located with many shopping centres located around in the vicinity. For example, the popular Central @ Clarke Quay, Great World City as well as Concorde Shopping Centre are located near to Fraser Residence Promenade. Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street is also located near to the Orchard Shopping District where plenty of shopping and retail at River Valley Road together with good food are available for residents to spend some quality time with their family.

Fraser Residence Promenade former Zouk site will be accessible with the Great World City MRT Station and Havelock MRT Station on the Thomson East Coast Line. Also, for condo owners who are taking buses, there are several buses available along Kim Seng Road, River Valley Road as well as Havelock Road. For owners who are traveling to the city, Fraser Residence Promenade is located right next to Central Expressway (CTE). rolex óra

Fraser Residence Promenade is also near elite schools such as River Valley Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School and Alexandra Primary School.

Frasers Property is the name of trust and excellence in the area of property development. With a history spanning over almost 100 years, Frasers Property has successfully managed to set its footprints over 80 cities across the world. Currently the business deals in five asset classes and offers exciting and reliable services to its customers. Frasers Centrepoint Homes will be launching their latest new launch Fraser Residence Promenade near to the Singapore River and River Valley Road.

Frasers Property Developer for Fraser Residence Promenade

A brief overview of their history is provided below in chronological order near to the condo.

  • 1924: When the idea of real-estate business emerged under the name of TM Burke Pty Ltd.
  • 1960-1990: The period of successful merger with Hooker Corporation’s Land-Division.
  • and successful penetration in Singaporean real estate market.
  • 2000: Acquisition of Walker Corporation. replica relojes
  • 2015: Rod Fehring was appointed as the CEO as well as Global Frasers property brand was adopted in August.
  • 2016: Company launched its program called A Different way sustainable strategy.

Frasers Property has successfully expanded their business by showing stiffness towards its values and culture. The ultimate aim of company is to provide value to its customers against their investments.

Emphasis on Frasers Property developer is laid on ensuring the satisfaction of all the stakeholders associated with the company. In order to align the organizational goals with its culture & values, the company has managed to gather a huge team of dedicated employees. A well-trained, groomed and highly experienced team of real-estate agents is the reason behind maintenance of the long standing legacy of business. Their latest development will be Fraser Residence Promenade which is the former Zouk site that is successfully sold to Fraser Property. The development will be part of a strong heritage identity at Singapore River and the development will conserve 3 existing shophouses and integrated to be part of Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street at the River Valley district. Based on the recent increase in prices for properties in Singapore, Fraser Residence Promenade fits into the criteria as one of the developments which is high yield and suitable for rental investments in Singapore.

Fraser Residence Promenade Great World City by Frasers Property

Frasers Property offers a wide range of real-estate services to its customers and is engaged in five asset classes that are briefly described as under: zegarki repliki

  • Residential: They have established a ginormous network of residential properties across 10 different countries and offer villas, duplexes, apartments, bungalows, multiplexes and much more.
  • Hospitality: Their hospitality business has a powerful network expanding over 80 cities including more than 10 metropolitan cities. Discounted booking of rooms at worldwide exotic destinations are offered with premium services.
  • Commercial & Business Park: Frasers Property is renowned for offering the best strategically located offices and business parks all across their countries of operations.
  • Retail: They also offer malls based on customer-centric approach and have unparalleled design and architecture.
  • Industrial & Logistics: A dedicated of professionals at Frasers Property manages Industrial and Logistics assets efficiently for the clients. Many fortune listed companies are tenants of Frasers’ assets.

Frasers Property Investments at Core City Centre

Frasers Property is a market leader well known for its condo property development and management. The latest development will be located on the former Zouk site River Valley Road which is called Fraser Residence Promenade. They are listed as the top residential property builders and developers and have the construction of several famous malls in Singapore at their credit. More than 90,000 homes are developed and sold by Frasers Property in Singapore only. Please also see Kopar @ Newton Kampong Java Road which is located near to core city centre. The developer for Kopar at Newton is Chip Eng Seng CELH Development. replique montre de luxe

Apart from this, Fraser Centrepoint Limited are also among the top property dealers in Australia, having a legacy of more than 90 years. Fraser Centrepoint Homes deal in almost all the asset types in Australia and have a strong customer base too. Furthermore, their operations have also been extended to Vietnam, Thailand, Netherlands, UK, China, Germany, Malaysia and Japan. At the current rate of expansion, it is projected that soon Frasers Property will be the world leader of property development. Their latest project Fraser Residence Promenade former Zouk site will add to their already strong property portfolio.

Fraser Residence Promenade Located Near to Singapore River

Singapore River is one of the most famous rivers is the Singapore River. This 3.2-kilometre long river is located within the island’s central region and runs along Frasers Residence Promenade. The river originates from starts from Alexandra Canal and runs parallel to Alexandra Road and then ends into Marina Reservoir, which lies in the southern part of Singapore. Singapore River at River Valley Road now holds many of the retail and dining options available along with Clarke Quay and Boat Quay which is just a short drive away from Jiak Kim Street by Frasers Property.

The Singapore River has a lot of history attached to it. Moreover, the mouth of present-day Singapore River was the old port of Singapore which was the epicenter of trade, commerce, and finance as it lies between the trade routes of India and China, providing it a strategic location for trade. The developments at Singapore River is highly sought after and the latest development will be Fraser Residence Promenade located at the former Zouk site.

Today, the Singapore River remains one of the city’s most popular destination as there is a wide range of pubs and eateries located beside the development. Fraser Residence Promenade Condo will be located next to it making the Singapore River more vibrant.

Benefits of Fraser Residence Promenade Owners Staying in Jiak Kim Street

Experts in the real estate industry argue that it is worth purchasing a home in a strategic location like Frasers Property project rather than a classy condo in a bad location. Building your home in an appropriate location will actually collect the best returns on your investment. Also, selling a strategically located home is easier. Fraser Residence Promenade location at River Valley Road and Jiak Kim Street represents one of the better located developments near to the core city centre as it is located at the former Zouk site where there are many restaurants and fashion is located.  There are also tons of shopping centres as well as swanky bars located at Jiak Kim Street and Singapore River making it one of the better located developments for condos that is launching recently. Fraser Residence Promenade will be located near to roads such as Kim Seng Road, Zion Road and Havelock which will take you to the core city centre such as the shopping centres along Orchard Road as well as the central business district. Given the price which Fraser Residence Promenade bid for the plot of land, FCL is bidding for long term play as it seems to be a bullish bid. The residential component for Fraser Residence Promenade will be called Riviere Jiak Kim Street and is located right in the heart of Great World City MRT Station. Riviere Jiak Kim will launch for sale soon and the development is the residential component of the development. Riviere is highly sought after as it is waterfront facing and there are units that have direct water facing of the Robertson Quay as well as the Singapore River. Working from home has created demand for rental of properties. In particular, popular layouts are HDB loft units that is highly sought after.

Condos being near to schools is very important even if the home buyer does not have school-age kids, they will always tend to settle in a good school district. This factor is more applicable to the young families that could be buying their first or second home. Basically, access to good schools adds value to your real estate homes. Fraser Residence Promenade location in the core city centre of Clarke Quay and Boat Quay is near to River Valley Primary School, Bukit Ho Swee Primary School, Zhangde Primary School and School of The Arts (SOTA). This will make the development by Fraser Centrepoint Limited a highly sought after location right in the heart of the city.

Fraser Residence Promenade Location Well Connect to Amenities

Frasers Centrepoint In most cases, condo home buyers would prefer to settle within the commercial district at River Valley Road and Jiak Kim Street. The idea of living in a cosmopolitan district appeals to many investors and this appeal is apparent in Fraser Residence Promenade where they are plenty of shops and bars nearby for your convenience.

Real estate condo homes that are located nearer to common types of mass transit such as the subway, rail station and/or bus station are more valuable. Access to transport services within a short period gives your home more benefits. Also, easy access to the network and other communication-related factors may add value to your real estate homes.  Fraser Residence Promenade by Fraser Centrepoint Homes is located near to Great World City MRT Station as well as Havelock MRT Station for buyers who are taking the Thomson-East Coast Line. For buyers  of Frasers Residence Promenade who prefer to take buses, the development is located near to Jiak Kim Street, Zion Road, Havelock Road and Kim Seng Road whereby there are many buses available late into the night.

Shopping Centres Near to Clarke Quay

Fraser Residence Promenade River Valley located near to Clarke Quay is among the historical quays in Singapore found at the core of Singapore River planning area. It’s located in a strategic area surrounded by most famous shopping centers in Singapore. The area has become a very popular and ideal place to stay due to busy activities going on within and the surrounding areas. Some of the various shopping centers established near to Jiak Kim Street where the former Zouk Site is located is as below.

– Central Clarke Quay
Central is an iconic modern shopping center sits at the heart of Central Clarke Quay which situated long Singapore River at River Valley area. This mall is strategically located near to Fraser Residence Promenade and you just have to walk 5 minutes along the River from the development to the mall. This makes it not only the most popular mall in the region but also the most convenient. The mall has a wide range of tenants offering various products and services. There are fancy dining centers located in this mall among them including European as well as sea food restaurants hugging the water edge

– Liang Court
Liang court is an awesome medium shopping mall you can’t imagine missing. It sits prettily at the waterfront of River Singapore. It has witnessed massive renovation of recent days featuring a great number of restaurants and outstanding fashion choices, food stores and famous supermarkets. From Clarke Quay MRT Station, you take less than five minutes walking to Liang court. You can also access it from City Hall as well as Raffles Place. Frasers Property developments are indeed in a strategic location close to the city.

– Great World City
If there is a mega shopping center located next to Clarke Quay is none else than Great World City. It’s comprised of shops, offices, restaurants, fringes among others. It is the closest shopping mall to Fraser Residence Promenade and can be accessed easily by walking along Kim Seng Road or crossing the Kim Seng Bridge over the Singapore River. Great World Cityhas a very large shopping space making it home a wide number of eateries, fashion collections, cinema centers supermarkets, groceries among others.

Fort Canning Park Located Near to Fraser Residence Promenade

Located at Jiak Kim Street which is just minutes away from River Valley Road which takes your directly to Fort Canning Park, the park once served as the ideal place for some gathering for your family and friends. Fort Canning Park is  surrounded by other park connectors such as Raffles Place Park, Dhoby Ghaut Green, and Istana Park. Whether you are drawn by a rich heritage, its tranquility, or ancient artifacts, the hilltop offers something for the whole family. Fort Canning Park and its surrounding will be fully completed by June 2019 to bring back the life of the rich history. It will be weaved seamlessly and restored with the creation of three gardens namely Jubilee Park, First Botanic Garden, and Royal Garden. This will be the perfect avenue for outdoor activities for residents of Fraser Residence Promenade as Fort Canning park can be reached via Havelock Road and then Clemenceau Avenue.

Outdoor Activities at Fort Canning Park with Lush Greenery

Fort Canning Park is nested with lush greenery along the roadside near to Fraser Residence Promenade location at River Valley Raod. Their heritage has been popular among the residents and overseas visitors who are residing along Singapore River and Boat Quay. Singapore is known as the home of a large variety of animal and more than 2,100 native vascular plants. The many parks, heritage roads, nature reserves, park connectors, and heritage trees provide a unique experience. The park connector network links around major residential areas allowing everyone to enjoy the green spaces. The tropical rain-forest, coral ecosystems, and mangroves have spread in the city garden. Residents of Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street will only be a short drive away via River Valley Road to Fort Canning Park

The park is committed to enhancing and providing the greenery of Singapore. The National Parks Board (Nparks) is involved in greening up the islands and tree planting campaigns. They have also engaged the community to make green spaces with initiatives such as volunteering opportunities and Community in Bloom project. Beyond nature conservation, an urban biodiversity conversation model has been developed which aims in conserving the eco-systems. Nparks has also taken measures in enhancing biodiversity presence in the urban landscape.

Restaurants and Dining Selections at Fraser Residence Promenade

The task to choose the ultimate dinner value near to Clarke Quay and Singapore River is relatively easy near to Fraser Residence Promenade. There are numerous classy restaurants to check out near to Fraser Residence Promenade River Valley Road. Most restaurants offer great pubs and bars too. The location on the riverside at Jiak Kim Street on the former Zouk site attracts many people. This includes families, tourists, and young professionals. They are all seduced by the great dining and winning restaurants options. This article presents some of the ten restaurants in Clarke Quay. Their quality is pretty impressive and the price tags are reasonable.

Little Saigon Restaurant serve the ultimate Vietnamese food. Their interior is pretty attractive. It has luxurious mood lighting and plenty of hanging lanterns. They offer a mixture of Vietnamese inspired cocktails such as lime, lemongrass syrup, orange curacao, and gin. The music in the restaurant is lively and the volume level is kept at an optimum. The location of Little Saigon Restaurant is near to Singapore River and a short walk away from Jiak Kim Street. If you prefer Thai food, Sukhothai Restaurant offers  inexpensive and authentic Thai dining experience. They serve tom yam soup, satay chicken, spicy papaya salad, and pad Thai. They are named after an ancient northern Thai city. The restaurant is strategically located at the edges of Boat Quay waters.

The Clarke Quay area along Singapore River and River Valley Road which are views of Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street together with Jiak Kim Street Fraser Centrepoint Homes also serves as one of the better areas to catch up for coffee or drinks. There are numerous cafes near to Fraser Residence Promenade location including Princess Terrace Café which serve the most loved Penang’s meals such as the Penang curries, the duck meat, satay chicken, and many more. They additionally offer the soya beans meals. Princess Terrace Café is perfect for clients who love the Malaysian heritage. Red Dot Brew House is also strategically located next to the Boat Quay. They offer the ultimate European and American inspired menu. They offer bears that are rich in flavor, not filtered and those with the yeasty and pungent hoppy aroma.

Fraser Residence Promenade Close to Country Clubs for Networking

Fraser Residence Promenade is located in the upscale area of River Valley as well as Singapore River and there will be many affluent individuals who are looking to build up their social contacts. The standard facilities in a condo will not be enough and more facilities such as golf courses, state of the art meeting rooms, reflexology pools as well as massage centres will be ideal. The best place to do social networking will be at country clubs and Fraser Residence Promenade is located at Jiak Kim Street that is host to many country clubs including The Singapore Island Country Club, Temasek Club, The British Club, Swiss Club Singapore, Raffles Town Club, Hollandse Club, Singapore Town Club and The American Club.

Different Layouts and Floor Plans available at Fraser Residence Promenade

Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street  consist of many layouts at the development for your consideration. There is a small 1 Bedroom layout that is available for investors who is looking for investment in a core city centre location for rental. For buyers who prefer to stay at the former Zouk Club site, Fraser Residence Promenade showflat will also have the bigger 3 Bedroom layouts that is ideal for family stay. The showflat will also consist of design elements that are featured to enhance the visual appeal of the unit. Fixtures at the condo showflat comes with the actual unit and this include wardrobe, flooring, air-conditioners, kitchen cabinets and appliances together with the white goods. However, furnitures in Fraser Residence Promenade showflat does not come with it and these include the coffee table, dining tables, sofa and electrical appliances such as sound system as well as television sets.

Former Zouk Club at Jiak Kim Street Frasers

Fraser Residence Promenade site is actually a former Zouk site at River Valley Road which was the main club for many Singaporean youth. When it first opened in 1991, Zouk actually consist of 3 warehouses that houses the club that was built way back in the early 1900s. Zouk has many themes that saw popularity among the crowds including thematic nights like Balearic Nights as well as the most popular Mambo Jambo. Zouk has indeed been imprint into many local Singaporeans and the 3 warehouses will be conserved as part of the development in Fraser Residence Promenade by Frasers Centrepoint Homes

Location of Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River

Fraser Residence Promenade condo location offers a clearer view of the Singapore River and is unblocked while the Martin Modern is not actually a river-front project. The Jiak Kim project at River Valley Road area is generally more accessible compares to the Martin Modern site. Fraser Residence Promenade is just off the Havelock and Kim Seng roads, which serves as an additional option to the future Great Havelock and World MRT station to be created on the Thomson-East Coast Line.

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Bid for Jiak Kim Street Fraser Residence Promenade for River Views

Earlier on this month, the Jiak Kim Street Fraser Centrepoint Homes Ltd won the bid for the Jiak Kim Street condo plot for development of Fraser Residence Promenade Condo. Its value is averagely S$1732.55 for every square foot per plot ratio, which is actually 40 percent more than that of GuocoLand (S$1239), a nearby site. A property consultant in the area estimates that the Guoco Land breakeven price tag for the Martin Modern project is around S$1900. As per records, GuocoLand has sold up to 211 units at the average price of S2254. The same consultant says that FCL breakeven price tag for the Jiak Kim project is around S$2450. The price level comparison reflects a 20% increase from the set Martin Modern price. Now, what opportunities does FCL have should they launch the Jiak Kim Street project in a year at S$ 2700? This article explains how you really should view the matter.

Martin Modern Compared to Fraser Residence Promenade

Although the Martin Modern condo site at River Valley area has enjoyed numerous benefits over the past few years, selling over 211 plots, Fraser Residence Promenade Fraser Centrepoint Limited has several considerable advantages over them that would see them to creating profit. All the company has to do is to strategically plan their trade techniques. The condo development will be a hallamark and iconic project located in the Signapore River precinct and highly sought after for enbloc owners who are looking for a prized development to stay. It is also worth mention that Jiak Kim Street Fraser Centrepoint Homes Ltd would create even more profit if they consider the option to build apartments in the area.

Fraser Residence Promenade River Valley Former Zouk Club Site

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you at Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River right in the heart of River Valley Road and Orchard Road by Fraser Centrepoint Homes. Please see Fraser Residence Promenade site plan and floor plans for more information.