Frasers Property is a company in Singapore which focuses on property development across many countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. It has appeared as among the highly ranked developer in entire Singapore and other parts where it has invested. Its unrepeatable achievement record has been fuelled by its commitment in ensuring it has delivered memorable and unfading experiences to its customers and stakeholders at large by building quality properties which can be afforded easily.

Frasers Property Developer for Real Estate Properties

Not only has it dominated in Singapore but also in all areas it has set up its projects. Other than Singapore, here are some of the areas where Frasers Property has dominated, China, Australia, Europe, and many other countries. Other than real estate investment, Frasers Property has heavily invested in the Hospitality industry in across over 80 cities in various parts of the world such as Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Frasers Property is the real estate developer for the latest development Fraser Residence Promenade and is located next to Jiak Kim Street.

Frasers Property in Commercial Residential and Retail Properties

Frasers Property has a wide range of its businesses operating across 5 assets classes with a good legacy of coming up with a successful business in commercial, residential, retail as well as hospitality and logistic properties. It has also sponsored 4 different types of vehicles which are listed on SGX – ST comprising 3 REITs mainly focusing on industrial, retail, and commercial properties. Also, one stapled trust which all commitment is focused on the hospitality related properties.

Based their everyday morale on the belief that experience is the key to achieving success, they manage to deliver quality products as well as services always meeting the needs of the diversified market, community as well as business. Across Frasers Property established and well-functioning businesses, they enjoy getting unfading support from the community, stakeholders, collaborators among other industry players due to their determination and commitment to laying good businesses foundations and conducting themselves in a good and respectable way.

Customer Needs Priority in Frasers Property

Frasers Property has always prioritized customers needs when investing in any of their business. This has ensured in any business they set up meets customer demands thus, creating a friendly environment with the customers which enables both to grow and thrive in their sectors. For Frasers Property to achieve all these great achievements in their business, they have a great mind behind it. Their team comprises of professionals who understand every sector in details thus utilizing every existing opportunity to achieve their best results.

Don’t hesitate to contact their customer service team every time you want to inquire about information or undergoing a hard time to use their services. They are much friendly and always committed to helping you anytime you have a burning issue.